Now, The Fat Racist POS Lied…

January 12th, 2018

Again. Trump is a whole new word. He is

a “Nutzi”. This Is A Deeply Racist Hateful

(Told Ya!)

ignorant tiny Nothing sub-human. He’s a

pile of dog shit smeared on the shoe that

is America today. Trump Is Racist. And if

your support Trump, you support Racism

This is Not In Question any longer. Nope!

And the Sick Part, He Lies About the hate

he says daily. Our country’s At A New low,

and yet I still hold hope. The Entire world

is watching. We will let Mueller work, and


vote, vote, vote. So, this kind of Shit never

Happens Ever Again. Oh, & Most All Of The

Republicans (Save For Scott & Graham) All

state he didn’t Say just what he Said. Oops

NOTE : And, While We Are All Talking About
THIS Silly Shit, A New NSA Spying Bill, Just
Fucking Passed Violatin The 4th Amendment
And 65 other Democrats Went Along With It

Have a weekend!

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