The cover of times pretty much tells the

tale of the Tape for Trumpy’s 1st Year in

(We Know)

office. It’s sad, disgusting, ignorant, and

insane lying racism. We are only a week

and 2 daysaway from the 1 year mark &

it shows signs of not lasting 1 and a half

Speaking Of People Rolling Over, On The

Loud, Orange Anus, “Manafort” Is Being

“Sued” By A Russian Oligarch For Lying

About What He did With “Some” of their

Fucking Money. They’re all Super fucked

(Felon Coming)

Nothing like the people you claimed you

never knew, that you never worked with

asking For “Some” of the Tainted $ back

And Trump Today Just Stated “Why are

we having all these people from shithole

counties coming here?!?!” Ahhhhhh yes

I recall The Plaque On Lady Liberty that

reads, “If you are From A shit hole, turn

your Ass Around And LEAVE”. He is the

Single Worst “Non-Human” being to not

(We Know)

only hold the “Office” of The Presidency

But One Of The Most loathsome hateful

bigoted lyin’ assholes to roam the earth

It’s like having A 4chan or reddit troll in

the Most Powerful Position in the World

But, not for long……..Tick tock, tick tock

NOTE : Kansas Leaving Thief, Sam “Liar”
Brownback ‘Thinks’, When There Is No $
Left, Put Education, On The Credit Card
Republicans, Do Not Like It & Democrats
Don’t Like It Either. They ‘Rob’ The Place
Barren, Then Want Interest To Be Paid 4
Your Fucking Children’s Future. Fuck Off

Have a day!

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