Damning Transcript & MOTUS…

January 10th, 2018

How’s all of That Winning?!?! How do ya

feel today lower Working class Merica?!?

(Enjoy morons!)

Especially When you Will get A Nice Cool

check For Around $500 much later in the

Year That Was long Gone/Spent Before it

arrived?! And all At The Cost of a Tax Cut

for $1.5 Trillion all to Our National deficit

We Just All Repeated the Fucking W Bush

Tax Cuts ya Fucking MORONS!!! And Yet

in all this “Winning”, we Get A Bombshell

in the “Fusion GPS Transcript”….that was

(He Told It)

just Released to The Public AFTER ALL of

the Republicans Tried to block it. Oh it is

so over for their entire political party and

for aiding in this big charade it should be

We have Non-Partisan federal agencies &

all have Served us For Centuries trying to

Protect us all. And The 1st instinct of ALL

Republicans is to “Open fire on the Those

Messengers” from this Lunar Treasonous

corner. We do Not have a POTUS at all in

(So F’ed Up)

this country. We have a “Moron Of These

Un-United States” Today. And while he is

pure insanity, those around ALL enabling

him will all be, the most vilified in history

NOTE: Mueller Just Added A Cyber Crimes
Prosecutor To The Team Addin’ A Late Big
Wrinkle Their Net Already Has All It Wants
And, Is Now Getting WIDER. Ooooooooops

Have a day!

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