Get Out & LipStink…

January 9th, 2018

It Seems Stephen “Bigot” Miller, Chumps

talking SS Head was Escorted Out Of The

(“Just go!”)

CNN Set Area After Melting Down On Air

then Continuing to argue with the host &

Refusing To Leave. Only in Trumpy Land

can ya go Into Someone elses home, shit

on Their desk with lies, filibustering & BS

then Try To Insanely Claim YOU were the

clear “Victim”. Nothing Productive Comes

out of these lying Fucks. It’s going to end

all their alreadyfailed careers. They really

deserve “Everything” coming. Falling on a

(Bye bye!)

fat golden sword for orange anus ends em

all. Fine by me. Speaking Of the lying turd

He Was The CFP National Championship &

clearly Doesn’t Know the Words to our US

National Anthem…that he’s SO Upset that

some citizens “kneel” for. Perhaps fucko is

the type of Child That Should LEARN all of

the words, what they mean, & why. Ahhhh

but he never will. It’s like a Fat child who’s

(“Say can u pee?”)

juggling their own feces yelling “Chocolate!”

NOTE: Racist Corrupt Cop Felon Joe Arpaio’s
Running For The Senate. Holy Fuck This Shit
And ALL Republicans Who Support This, Will
ALL Be Beaten ‘Hard’ At The Polls, FOREVER
Their Entire Party Can Never Run From THIS

Have a day!

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