Fraud Lies & Distraction…

January 4th, 2018

Remember that clearly Baseless lie by

Orange Anus Fuckstick Racist prick?!?!

(Private Dumbfuck)

You know, all that non-existent Voter

fraud that has been Debunked over &

over again by reality?! Well turns Out

Trumps “Fuck All” voter Suppression

committee has “magically” disbanded

Seems it’s illegal to use a blatant lie &

try to Suppress Votes. The legal court

battle ensues & they fold it up ending

it. When Asked why A Republican for

Trump In A Kris Kobach, This Kansas

(Ass Clown!)

failed SOS simply fucked it up royally

it up royally, tried 2 blame democrats

Trumps Entire Tenure has been a big

ass Dumpster Fire Raging out of total

control. Now, he Wants To legally try

to stop Wolf’s Book from Coming out

Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Perhaps Instead Of worrying About a

book “Making” Him Look like The big

royal Racist Moron Fuck Up He is, HE

(No Shit)

might want to Worry About Jail after

Kushner and his moron kid Don, Are

BOTH Indicted. And Now, the Entire

Republican Party Is so Super Fucked

They got To Defend an Inhuman Pile

of lying shit. That Doesn’t go Well, &

it ends Their Party in The Long Haul

NOTE : Offshore Drilling, In The Pacific
Is Now Underway….With NO Oversight
And, It Allows Government, To Auction
Off Permanently ‘Protected Areas’. This
Is Deregulation Gone Wrong n When It
Results In Fucked Up Oceans & Failure
You Read These Facts Here First, Weak

Have a day!

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