Welcome Back my well read thoughtful

Party People! Hope Your Holidays Were

(Too True)

as awesome as all of you are. Oh boy it

was nice to Unplug from this lunacy for

a Brief Second. Now, it’s full blast crazy

‘Happening Right’ Now. Trumps Lunacy,

Twit Tweets Clamoring For War With N.

Korea, are Just Another Sign That he is

the single most “Insane person” to ever

hold our Oval office. That is saying a lot

about our History Here people. So, that

is Horrible, but now Bannon has Turned

(Bye, Bye!)

on Trump and orange anus on him; oh

how the Lying Racist insane eat each of

The Others. Bannon Magically Claiming

he Had Nothing to do with Trump, and

With Donny Jr & Kushner. Ha ha ha ha

No, he directly did constantly & doesn’t

want to be caught in this widenet so he

can Avoid a Cell. No matter the FBI will

if they haven’t Already, pull him in. Old

Tactic, That Never Works. Just Ask Paul

(Bye, Bye!)

Manafort Who is Trying The Equivalent

of pissing up a rope yellin, “It’s raining”

by Suing Mueller. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

just when ya think all of the treasonous

lying Fraud Fucks can’t fuck it up more,

With “I, Tonya” coming out they are all

the metal level fuck Ups of Jeff Gillooly

and Shawn Eckhardt. History is simply

repeating itself with Frauds. The sword

of Damocles Simply Dangles over all of


their fat Empty Heads. Trump then did

his impression of An Aged Lying Racist

fraud Claiming That Bannon had, “Lost

his Mind” & that He, “Had Very little to

do with our Historic victory”. So, pretty

soon “Donny Jr Isn’t even My Son” and

“I have no Idea Who Jared Kushner is!”

or what “taking Russian $” even means

Today Signals it’s over jail looms; done

Have a day!

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