Tax Cock Punch & Decimated…

December 4th, 2017

While Republicans were Busy passing

Their Economic Night Mare Sociopath

(He’s done!)

Tax Cuts for a top 1%, the rest of the

free world all Shook Our Heads in this

collective side to side saying “Here we

Go AGAIN”. This helps no one and it’ll

kill The Economy in 2-4 years causing

ANOTHER Market Crash/Recession or

depression. They Always do. It simply

happened In 1929 (tax cuts), in 1987,

In 2007, And Now In 2020 /2021. ALL

under Republican leadership. Geeeeee

that must be some Odd Co-Winkydink

(POS In Flames)

And ‘Why’ This Evil is The ONLY Thing

they passed by 51-49 vote the POTUS

Orange Anus is Undone. It’s over, it is

done. He will Not Be President and he

will likely Be Jailed For The Remainder

of his odious Fat life. Down they all go

And Trump Endorsed Roy Moore, Ohh

Felons of feather always stick together

NOTE: Democrat John Conyer’s Sexual
Assault Charges as More Victims Come
Forward. It Will Out. The Truth Always
Does. And He Will Be Yet Another Idiot

Have a day!

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