Sessions Schooled & Moore Lies

November 14th, 2017

Jeff “Confederate Bigot” Sessions Elf

had a “hearing” where he was simply

(<-Perjury Part)

Decimated By Congressman Hakeem

Jeffries (D-NY). Not only did he Blast

Sessions for Clear Perjury, he quickly

noted these are all sessions own legal

standards He Used Against a Cop and

Bill Clinton. Ooooooooooooooooooops

Is Was A Fucking “Mic Drop” Moment

Sessions had is own Legal view thrust

against his Own Unlawful Actions and

(<The Hammer)

words. Perjury is Very Clear here now

and he’s going Down for it. BOOM!!!!!

Defenders Of Moore Are…

Not Human Beings. They are Soulless

creatures Spewing lies, hate & simply

(Sick Fuck!)

defendin’ the Actions of the pedophile

You know, many Religious types. This

isn’t some game. Ignoring & justifying

immoral shit with Russian propaganda

Whataboutsims while defending a guy

that is “unlawfully evil”, shows exactly

WHO, The ‘Republican Party’ IS Today

Advertisers, Are Pulling Out In Protest

From Hannity. GOP, Has A New Motto:

(Going Down)

“Vote GOP, That 14 Year Old Girl Was

Asking For It!”. They’re all going down

NOTE: Trump “Cozy’s” Up To Putin While
‘Trusting Him’ About Election Meddling, &
We All Know He Did. Trump Loves Daddy
Putin More Than Reality Or News Because
You Know Where Your ‘Bread’ Is Buttered

Have a day!

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