The Page Is Turned…

November 9th, 2017

Hey Democrats, Don’t Celebrate Just

yet. In fact, give yourself a Lil pat on

(Stay down)

The Back, For Tuesday, But NOW The

real Work starts. Policy, policy, policy

and Specific Things you want to enact

While Stating “EXACTLY” How You are

going to Do it. On policy you’ll always

Win. ‘Period’. Unless, You Get Yourself

Into A “Pissing” Match. All that does is

get everyone wet. The bad kind of wet

The ‘Entire’ Republican Party is Simply

(D’s Will)

committing political suicide. Let them

The second Trump was elected & they

supported him……it was over. They’ve

gone the way of the Whigs. When any

Political Party, Can’t Govern, Does not

Have ANY Policy Ideas, That Work For

97% of The Entire Country and Try to

Enact “HORRIBLE” Policies, Solely For

Their Lobbyist/Donors, They are Done

NOTE: Woman Accuses R – Roy Moore
Of Groping Her When She Was 14. Oh,
Boy, They Are All Going Down So FAST

Have a day!

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