Trump/Republicans Decimated…

November 8th, 2017

In The Elections last Night A shot fired

across the political bow. Wait, did I say


“A shot fired”? I meant a mega hole in

the side Of The SS Trump/Republicans

Tons of elections and Virginia correctly

rejected Racism, hate, ignorance & evil

Jersey rejected hate, & The Entire USA

has as well. Forget Trump & all His Ass

hole Republican dopes Won’t learn any

THING from This, But 2018, 2020, And

2022 are all Coming up. Oooooooooops

Pennsylvania, Minnesota, California and

(More to come!)

Seattle All Rejected Trumpism. Oh and

by A little….but by these big landslides

This Means NOTHING Without A Sound

policy Follow Through And Clear/Clean

visions of leadership to help all citizens

Rally, lead, listen, care, Enact and Vote

And Republicans, Are All ‘Leaving’ Their

seats (even safe one’s) cause of Trump

and the Lunatic Ultra Right Republicans

(Thanks Trump)

Republicans don’t learn, they don’t ever

Grow/listen/Adapt. They Are Now Toast

NOTE : FOX/The Republicans, Are Losing
Their Minds. Well, They Never Had Them
Maria Bartiromo, “Devolves” Into Fantasy
Land Ignoring Reality Favoring Dreaming
Oh, I Recall Her Trump Tongue Bath She
Gave Him. She Is A Lying ‘Partisan’ Fraud
No Matter, Reality Always Seems To WIN

Have a day!

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