Virginia Race & Flipping Off…

November 7th, 2017

Today Virginia will Vote and they will

all likely reject the Racist hate of the


Trumpolozia hate. The Demographics

support Northam getting Elected, But

it won’t happen Without Votes. And it

is clear the country rejects trump and

his racist, traitorous lunacy. Shit even

Hillary Clinton Carried That State And

That is something. Speaking of People

“speaking out” the worlds newest cool

hero Flipped Off Trumps Motorcade &

then Got Fired. WTF!?!?! From A Place


with Government contracts. Oooooooh

I get it. Bad for Business, you are fired

Yep, just like the Real World but Juli is

a New Hero. Julie Briskman, thank you

Truth to power’s Always welcome Here

NOTE : Make No Mistake Here, All Those
Republicans Are Getting Calls From Their
Top 1% Donors Sayin’ If They Don’t Pass
Those Tax Cuts For “Billionaires” While It
RAISES Taxes. On The Poor/Middle Class
Don’t Bother Calling Back Cause No Cash
This Is Sheer Lunacy. Vote Every Asshole
Out Yesterday!!! If Not They Will Rape Us

Have a day!

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