The horror of a shooter killing 26

people in a fucking Church Stings

(Hurts us all)

so hard it’s not easy to type. BUT

this will happen Again, & again, &

again until We All Thoughtfully do

something that Keeps weapons of

Death From The Mentally Ill Folks

Hands. Until That Point, We’ll Not

grow Numb to This insanity. We’ll

fight daily to fix it. Speakin’ of the

definition Of “Insanity” as Trumpy

circles the drain ready for Jail and

(All busted!)

ALL Republicans sit doing nothing

We All Notice Flynn & Many More

are on Mueller’s “Radar” for other

indictments that will surely be the

next up. Ahem, so are Donny Jr &

Kushner. That puts the Orange Id

in the Crosshairs. Ooooooooooops

NOTE: Virginia Election Tomorrow
So We Will See If Turnout Is HIGH
It Favors the Democrat, If LOW, IT
Favors The Republican. D Northam
Leads Right ‘Now‘ +3.3 But Means
Nothing Unless You ALL GO VOTE!!
NOTE II: Rand Paul, Was “Tackled”
On His Front Lawn & While Mowing
It By His Neighbor Of 17 Years. Oh
Boy. Neighbors Just Don’t Tackle U
Out Of The Blue, Cracking 3-4 Ribs
For Nothing. It’s Either Wife/Cash/
Screwed Him Over Deal You Watch
The Reason?! He’s Not SAYIN’ Why
Which Means It Looks Bad For Him

Have a day!

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