And Now, The “Robbery”…

November 2nd, 2017

Any good Thief knows you must lie

Lie Again, And Then lie Some More


in order to finish the Job. Trump is

no Different. Their New Tax Plan is

an “Old” Republican Tax plan. Give

$1.5 TRILLION (Yes, you Read that

correctly) back to Corporations and

the top 1% while telling the middle

class and all the poor to go fuck Off

Oh, &, It Now ADDS $1.5 TRILLION

to our Nations debt. And all The Big

winners in This?!? Corporations and


Billionaires. Losers : Middle Class, &

the Poor who’s taxes will go……….UP

This Is Simply ‘Reverse’ Robin Hood

If, it Passes We WILL Have ‘Another’

Depression/Deep Recession. That is

an economic fact. Bend over sucka’s

If You’re Poor/ Middle Class, & Voted

For Trump; You  LOSE. Ha Ha Ha Ha

Shit, he Just “Selected” the First ever

“investment banker” to take over the


Federal Reserve from Janet Yellon. It

is like Putting “Children” In charge of

Purchasing, & Distributing Halloween

candy or Criminals being jail wardens

Oh he Also lacks An Advanced Degree

In Economics, Is Wall Streets Bitch, &

likely Won’t Raise an interest rate that

Yellon Surely would have/did. His sole

job? End The Regulations after the ’08

(We Remember)

financial crisis, & to allow another one

NOTE: For Trump, The Nights Will Get
Longer & His Days Will Be Torture; But
It’s All Self-Inflicted He’s Not Excluded
From, Mueller’s Probe. Excluded?!?! He
Is At The Fuckin’ CENTER Of The Probe
Things Will Get Worse By The Day And
We Will Watch, As ‘Season 2’- Jail Time
Takes Center Stage. Ooooooooooooops
BREAKING : Robert Mercer, Is Leaving
Breitbart, And Trying To Distance Him
Self From All The “Racist” White Power
Hate, He / His $ Directly HELPED Make
Nope, You Can Not Run, From Your Ass
Hole ‘Finger Prints’. This Reeks, Of Self
Preservation, From Mueller, As Well As
He Is A Mega Trump Donor, And Fraud
Even Rats, Try To Leave A Sinking Ship

Have a day!

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