John Kelly, Racist ASSHOLE…

November 1st, 2017

John Kelly, is Trumps Bigot Buddy

Mr Kelly says this of Robert E. Lee:

(Bigot Brood)

“I would Tell you That Robert E. Lee
Was, An “Honorable Man”. He Was a
man that gave up A Country to fight
for his state which 150 yearsago was
“MORE IMPORTANT”; Than, Country”

Ahem, no the South Committed the

heinous Acts of Treason, Sedition &

were Fucking TRAITORS. History Is

VERY Fucking clear on this. If you’d

like to see Mr Coates utterly blastin’

That Pricks Peddling Of Confederate

Racists KKK revisionist History that

has Been debunked all as total LIES

This Is Not Only Historically Insane,

racially ignorant, and Flat out wrong

(No shit!)

It is a Window into this fuckers soul

(or lack there of One). So how many

“other” people ripped Kelly you ask?

R-Tim Scott, Almost all of Twitter &

most all Historians Drawing Oxygen

All these RACIST Fucks have a Stain

that Is Irremovable Forever. History

will Eviscerate all These Racist fucks

NOTE : A Group, Of White Supremacist
Fucks, Attacked A Couple Who Was Out
At A Bar. They “Happen” To Be A White
Girl, & African American Male. They Hit
Her Until Bloody, After Bad Racial Slurs
THIS IS: “Domestic Terrorism” PERIOD
And It Is Unacceptable. Find Out Who’s
Involved And Arrest Them All. This Is A
Modern Day Lynching. & Will Not Stand
NOTE II: Trumps, Self Inflicted Wounds
Leave An Entire White House Imploding
With Top Aid Stating “You Can’t Go Any
Lower”. Ahem Yes, That Jail Cell Lockin’

Have a day!

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