“Sassey” Super Slam…

October 12th, 2017

Nebraska House Republican, Ben Sasse

wonders if Trump Has Recanted His Big

(No One Can)

“oath of office”. Ahem, yes he shows it

daily. He attacked the Press Again & for

only 1 reason. He keeps reportin’ all the

ignorant Words Coming from his fat pie

chomping bullshit hut. “Fascists” do not

like Freedom, opposing Views or Reality

they Prefer Fantasy, Lies, & Propaganda

Trumple Thin Skin, Is No Different Than

Usual Dictators/Fascists in history. Only

(Captain Idiot!)

major difference I see Is a lying ignorant

fraud playing Pretend at being the Potus

and Every Dictator was Handed power &

solely seeks To Keep it. Trump Will Be in

jail shortly; Dictators control & avoid jail

Trump is Currently Being Baby Sat by all

his “aides”. They even discussed tackling

him should he go for A Nuclear Attack or

try To Start WW III. His racist tirade just

(You Ass!)

threatening To End All AID to Puerto Rico

is The Stuff Of lunacy. Tick tock, tick tock

NOTE : A ‘Racist Prick’ Local Magistrate
Put Out An Arrest Warrant, For A Victim
Who Was Almost BEATEN To Death and
Only 3 Of The 6 Who “Beat Him” Are In
JAIL. This Is ‘Lunacy’, And Unacceptable

Have a day!

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