Wildfires & Basement IQ…

October 11th, 2017

California Wildfires rage on & We Hope

those fleeing and fighting these terrible

(Be Safe!)

fires are safe. Oh speakin’ of shit that’s

burning to the ground….Trump. He just

boasted that he Has A “Higher IQ” than

Than Rex Tillerson. Forget I Detest Rex

Tillerson, But Trump Does NOT, Have A

higher IQ than a box of hair…..let alone

Ex-Exxon CEO, Sociopath Douche. With

everything Going On In The World, Hair

(Still Too High)

Helmet Wants Pro-Wrestling Bullshit To

take the place of leadership; it’s just so

disgusting these days to watch this Shit

NOTE: Alabama Idiot, Roy “Gun” Moore
Thinks His Son Being Arrested Was Just
A Political “Cheap Trick”. Ahhhhhhh Yes
Nothing Like His 27 Year Old Son, Being
Arrested NINE Times, But It’s A TRICK?
If Speakin’ Meant That They couldn’t Lie
/Break The Law They All Wouldn’t Speak
NOTE II: Harvey Weinstein Sexual Scum
Predator, Is Now Going Down Fast. Good

Have a day!

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