Penced Up Stupidity…

October 10th, 2017

Pence and Trump are playing games

yet again. They are forever co-linked

(Fucking Trump!)

Historically. Republican, Bob Corker

just Did what all of Us Do. Call it out

“It’s a shame the White House has become
an adult day care center, Some 1 obviously
(Totally)  Missed Their Shift This Morning
He’s doing “The Apprentice” or something”

Pence’s “stunt” to protest the actual

Peaceful “Protest” of kneeing for the

National Anthem US, Cost $250,000

Wow, Just. Wow!!! Did Anyone Blast

Pence For His Actions or Tell Him He

“Can’t do That!”? Nope, Because you

see, freedom means being able to all

(Ha ha ha!)

peacefully Protest. If that Means you

want to got to a Game solely seeking

to leave, have at it. His “Stunt” really

Backfired. No One, Cared, Which Also

means, He/Trump Don’t Get it at ALL

It’s the wastin’ tax payer $ to make a

racist scene that bothers most. See it

is the Fascist that Wants all to bow &

Ignore Our 1st Amendment, Yet They

are The 1st To Not Grasp When Their

(Sure you do)

stance Is So Meaningless, They can’t


from doing it. See, “That” is freedom

A thing they both know Nothin about

NOTE: 50 Racists Decided To Show All
The World How Weak, Ignorant & Lost
Cause Loser They Could Be….Then Ran

Have a day!

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