The “Moron” And Creep…

October 5th, 2017

Rex Tillerson Called Orange Idiot, A

“Moron”. To be more precise, it was

(“Oh, that”)

a “Fucking moron”. He’s not Wrong

But In Usual Bullshit Ex Exxon CEO

lies he claimed he didn’t want 2 get

into This “Petty Stuff”. Oh, He Did it

While Trumps ever growing obvious

irrelivance continues he will do such

crazy, batshit lunatic shit just to out

do his other insanity. Now all Those

Republicans Will ‘Play’ Politics, Over

(We know!)

this Entire Gun Debate As if they all

intend on doing anything rational to

Actually “Fix” A Problem, NO OTHER


For Maybe Honduras, El Salvador or

Puerto Rico. There’s a Reason and it

sure as shit is directly due 2 inaction

NOTE : Democrat Northam Leads In
The Governors Race, By 13 Points In
Virginia. Let, That, Sink In. Ooooops
NOTE II: Cam Newton Loses A Major
Endorsement Over “Ignorant” Barbs

Have a day!

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