The “Never Responders”…

October 4th, 2017

You have 1st Responder’s, 2nd Responder’s

The rest of society, fire, rescue, doctors, etc

(We know)

all then do their parts once an active crime

scene is secure; To treat the Victims. What

Politicians, The ‘NRA’, and Most All Talking

heads on the right Do?!?!?! IGNORE IT ALL

Sure, they Say “Let’s Pray For Them” which

just means “I get NRA lobby $ so we will do

NOTHING. Now Shut up & let’s watch more

die Daily”. They all Incorrectly claim “There

is Nothing We Can Do“. Ahem, no. They All

mean, “There is Nothing I WILL do”, period

(<-Lying POS)

Until we ALL hold these soulless lying fucks

accountable for The Gallons Of Blood Being

split so mentally insane fuckers, racists and

unstable Confederate Dress up Soldiers can

OWN “Military High Capacity”, Machines Of

Death it will constantly continue. Disgusting

(They Actually all Seek to LOOSEN Gun laws
and have More guns in the most insane ones
Which is the exact opposite of what’s needed)

Bounty, The Sicker Fuckerupper

Another day, another Trump fuck up. WILL

Mueller speed it up Already. America is sick


of “Winning”. 34 People Have Died, with so

many more sadly being reported Daily. This

isn’t some game. What does the Orange Ass

do?!?! Throw them Paper Towels! I shit you

not! Someone should have yelled “Oh, since

we have no Fucking Running Water…….what

exactly will we be Using these for idiot?!?!?!”

Another could’ve said, “Without Food I have


nothing to wipe up, but once we get that can

I use your Fucking useless Ass face for Toilet

Paper?!?!?!?”. The Entire World’s had Enough

Have a day!

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