Domestic Terrorism & Guns…

October 3rd, 2017

No more mincing words, no more, no

MORE. This Was An ‘Act’ Of Domestic

(No shit!)

Terrorism. It was the Worst Attack in

US history. Anyone who states “ahem

this isn’t the Time to Talk About guns”

simply State, “There will never be any

Time, And Please Fuck Yourself, Since

you clearly aren’t a Human being, you

soulless Vomitous Pile of piss nothing”

The ‘Josh Abbot Band’s’ Caleb Keeter:
(He was at the Event on the stage bill)

“I have been a Proponent Of The 2nd Amendment
my entire life. Until the Events of Last Night. I can
not Express How “Wrong” I was. We actually have
members of Our Crew With CHL licenses and legal
Firearms on the Bus………………….they were useless”


While I am So Glad he has now come

Around On This issue; Like most ALL

Of Republicans/Gun Nuts; it Took An

event of historic proportions to fuckin

DO it. They lack Empathy, and reality

checks. And he begged “we need gun

control RIGHT NOW!!!”. No Caleb, we

Needed It LONG AGO. Welcome To A

Long Overdo Legal Reform Discussion

about sensible reasonable gun reform


to just ensure these Automatic killing

machines Aren’t Allowed to be In any

one’s Hands, Especially In A Mentally

Insane lunatics. There Are Limits, On

EVERY Amendment and Always have

been. But Not on weapons of death?!

This is Horror of a magnitude that we

haven’t ever experienced. Period. Full

Stop. We’re not Numb to this insanity

any longer. If Nothing Is Done, we all

(We know)

are Responsible for The Next larger &

more Lethal Event Of violence & soon

It will Be YOUR life and YOUR Families

NOTE: Trumpy & His Entire Collection
Of Hateful Vile Assholes Have PR Plan
To AVOID His Race Stance, On Puerto
Rico, By Lying. Then Pretending A Cup
Equals “Aid”, Knowing, They Have NO
Drinking Water. Karma Is Going To So
Crush Him At An Unprecedented Level

Have a day!

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