United, We “Kneel”…

October 2nd, 2017

By now you’ve Heard of the Horror

in that Insanely evil mass Shooting

(Worst Shootin ever)

in Vegas. Our Hearts break, it’s still

far too raw and we will always Rally

TOGETHER……& this is “Something”

That Trump, And, HIS Divisive Hate

version of America Doesn’t like. It’s

pretty easy 2 see “unity” “kindness”

“Inclusiveness”, And, “Love” Are All

things Trump doesn’t care for. Well

the rest of the ENTIRE country sure


as fuck does. Trumps hate at Puetro

Rico’s Mayor who’s watching All Her

citizens in Dire need is so disgusting

& we have not even suffered 1 damn

year under this Racist Sociopathic &

fascist monster known As Orange Id

When someone tells you exactly who

they are…you best fully believe them

(It’s a take on Maya Angelou’s quote)

Our entire country has More Thought

(Fuck off!)

patriotism, leadership, And Grasp of

what Makes this Country Run in one

single Nut Hair then that Racist fuck

has on his Fat, lying, Ignorant HEAD

Mueller is coming fast chump. Ooops

RIP: Tom Petty. He Was A Legend In
Music, Performing Live In Concerts &
Writing Such Solid Lyrics, A SAD Day!

Have a day!

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