Trumpers Trolled & Single Payer…

September 13th, 2017

While there can be ignorant people

In sound clips from all The Political

(Nice Work!)

spectrum. Trumpers are clearly the

more ignorant Ill Informed Clueless

piles of shit ever. They want to just

“Impeach” Clinton Who Is not Even

holding an Office of any Kind. WTF?

See, again. You can “find” people at

any rally who make mistakes, but if

you’re looking for that other level of

(No, he doesn’t)

detached dipfucks hit a Trump rally

Have ya ever seen this level of shit

stupidity at a Bernie Rally?!?! Nope

Democrats For Single Payer

It is About Time!!! Now They are All

getting on Board one at a Time and


their political Futures depend on It

They are all coming around adding

their names to the list Daily. That’s

good news. It will Pay off In the up

comping years for Voters who Care

about This (Most all Do). Really it’s

Simply An Inevitable Fact, That will

be happenin’ soon so it’s good they

R gettin on the right side of history

(Watch the usual “Propaganda Lies”
Get destroyed on National TV Ha!!!)

NOTE: Dems, Are Winning Seats In
Most Republican Elections. While It
Is Great, It Means, Nothing Without
Strong, Proven Polices And VOTING
While It’s Good News Now The Real
Work Begins And It’ll Take All Of Us
NOTE II : Miss Texas Is A New Hero
And, Her Take Down Of Trump Was
Honest, Fair, And “Perfectly” Stated!

Have a day!

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