Dem Douchery, Luna-Tick Tock…

September 7th, 2017

Pelosi and many of The Donor Dems

simply “Don’t get it”. The shit that is

(Ur shit campaign did)

Proven To Work from 20+ years ago

Is, OVER. Done. ‘Finished’. Toast And

They Can’t, Grasp it. The progressive

Sanders Wing is the Future & they’re

Playing In The 80’s & 90’s. It’s also a

big reason why they get beat some of

the times; until they place the middle

class and the poor 1st instead of their

(Pick her, lose!)

ultra Wealthy donors, they’ll just lose

Hillary’s New Book, Blasts Sanders, &

that means she Learned NOTHING Of

her Defeat. NOTHING. Stay With Her,

her Plutocrat Top 1% views; you lose

Move towards Bernie & Win Elections

galore. If They Don’t Change It’s Over

Luna-tick Tock…

If you know me Well you know one of

my Favorite Sayings Is, “Tick tock”. It


means “No Matter if You Like it Or Not

It’s Coming & Happening So Deal With

it”. It’s the sword of damocles hanging

over a head. It’s simply time that’s the

one Holding it All Up. This Party’s Over

& Trump is Going Down. ‘Big League’ &

Now, After Trump Jr’s INSANE bullshit

to the Senate Intelligence Committee it

(We know)

appears he’s in deep fucking trouble. It

is fairly simple. His story’s now he took

That Russian Meetin because he was so

“concerned” about Hillary’s health?!?!?

Ha ha ha ha ha. Kid you & your ass dad

will make fantastic Cell mates. Oh & he

also claimed he Didn’t “Recall” his dads

direct involvement in crafting that Fake

response by Trump “Himself” after that

(Sure ya do!)

G20 shit show. Mueller knows this to be

a blatant lie. I use The phrase…tick tock

NOTE: Irma, Is Bearing Down, On Florida
Right “Now”. My Family, Is Right In Their
Path. Baton Down, Be Safe Prepare For It
And Know, The World Is Watching Closely
Ready To Help You. United, We ALL Stand
The ‘Damaging Power’ Of It Simply In The
Caribbean Has Been So Bad. Stay Safe All
NOTE: Many Christian Leaders Speak Out
Against Trump And Ending DACA. Oooops
Update: The ‘Racist Travel Ban’ Is TOAST
Will Be A “Fast” Supreme Court Case Now

Have a day!

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