Jazz Fest This Weekend!

September 1st, 2017

Hope you guys all rock your Laborless

(I’m going!)

Day Weekends. Do it all, see it all, be it

all. After all, We All only get One life on

This Marble. So, Go “Make” Yours Count

Whooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo

NOTE: These Two Cops, Should Be Fired
And Arrested For Abuse And False Arrest
This Nurse DID Her “JOB”, & They Didn’t
Have A Warrant, He Wasn’t Under Arrest
And, Were Even Told, They Are Making A
Massive Mistake, By Hospital Staff Before
They Aggressively Attacked Her n Cuffed
Acceptable. “Fire” Them BOTH, Yesterday
And, PRESS Fucking Charges!!! Pure EVIL
NOTE II : Glenn Beck, Is No More. TOAST
Their Blaze Propaganda Hate Shop Closed
And They Are ALL Going Down. Good, The
Entire Place Was A “Lying”, Racist Stoking
Bullshit Factory Of Hate, We Told You This

Have a longer weekend!

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