If you don’t know this Phrase Yet, you

sure will. It Is The Most Common Shit


on any grade school playground, lying

political turd or fallacy ridden PR takin’

Head liar. It is Also The Most Common

tactic Used By……….Putin/KGB/Kremlin

To Instantly Ignore Horrid Information

that is Damnin enough to end them all

In logic circles it’s called the tu quoque

fallacy or “I’m rubber, you’re glue what

bounces off me sticks to you” lie. It is a


Red Herring Tactic to Distract From the

person ignorin’ damaging facts that are

brought to light. They ALL do it and it’s

disgusting comedians must be our light

for this shit & not our 4th Estate who is

callin’ them out on the insanity. And all

the People Who Do it?! It is seen it time

after time from them all: Conway, Lord,

Miller, Spicer (before), the Mooch (RIP)

Sarah “lying” Fuckabee Flanders And so

(<-Fallacy Machine)

many more. Why do “news” channels all

still have These lying Frauds on solely to

lie? Ratings & it’s playing with fire. They

keep doing it, the ratings eventually ALL

go away online to actual journalists with

objective facts the 5 w’s win out the day

Shit, FOX is Falling Apart and the actual

Voices of Reason Are: Shep Smith, Chris

Wallace & Charles Krauthhammer. WTF?!

NOTE : How Bad Is It For The Trumpers
They Just Resurrected Pauly Shores Old
Career Where He Played, ‘Lunatic’ Miller
NOTE IIĀ  : Trump/Racists Feel The Walls
Closing In So Begin A Propaganda Media
It Won’t Help Our Dear Leader…..TOAST
This Is Literally Their “Newy” Colbert Bit
Tomorrow : Democrats Mistakes & Their
Detached Ignorance…Are Huge Problems

Have a day!

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