Shooting at A Congress Baseball Practice

Just Happened. Thankfully, No One Died


except the Shooter themselves this is an

act of hate/horror. We’ve sadly been here

before with Worse Results. We do all just

‘Remember’, That Gabby Giffords ‘Horror’

Much Love To all Those Injured including

Republican Steve Scalise who was shot in

the Hip. The Monster Who Did This’ll Not

be lauded or Exposed Here. Only A name

& Age. One James T. Hodgkinson, 66, Of

Belleville, IL. These Are Serious Times, &


people Are More Divided Then ever. This

is a chance to come together And we also

must understand the “Why?”. This didn’t

just cropup Overnight. Trump & his main

campaign was one of Division. Unless we

can stop Treating political division as this

game to “Win or lose” we will continue to

see this type of Carnage. Policy Effects all

citizens daily. This is Not a Fucking game

And the most disgusting part? One of the

main reason for Division and Hate Called

for Unity? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck yooooooou


This is Disgustingly Evil Shit Here and his

words are as Hollow as his entire shit soul

Thank You Capitol Police for Your Service

(JT Hodgkinson was a Sanders Supporter)

Sessions Bull…

It seems Sessions refuses to grasp what he

just did. He Failed to Speak truthfully and

(Sgt. Liar Face)

it will result in likely Perjury charges. He’s

going down as well. When You lie About a

specific exchange that was taped, that will

not end well for You. Also Sessions used a

This is just a Hunch, but I legally belief he

is trying a Long Game here. So if Sessions

Speaks About He & Trumps Conversations

He loses His Ability To Get Immunity from

The ‘Special Prosecutor’ Mueller. That May

be the goal. If you spill now you get nothin

for Protection. He Knows he’s Gonna need

(We know)

it big Time. We Shall See. Again it’s just a

guess with The Way He Was Smirking and

Obviously, Avoiding Everything Related To

Trump. He, Is In ‘Very’ Very Deep Trouble

NOTE: 12 Dead In London Apartment Blaze
More Are Injured, And The Toll Keeps Rising
NOTE II: This Pure Evil Is Unheard Of When
Orin Hatch Lies To McCaskills Face, After His
Aid Whispers Sweet Bullshit Fake Lies In Ear

Have a day!

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