This is Your lay up to fuck up. All of

you. Staying centrist, or allowing no

(Don’t choke!)

valid policies that help ALL voters &

all Americans (All of those Southern

Republicans, Moderates, those solid

Independents, & ‘Progressives’) Will

Likely Split / End Your Current Party

The only way to win, run Candidates

Like Christine Pellegrino (Who won),

Ossoff & Those In Congress. That Is

the only way. Bottom line, the world

(A Progressive)

is speaking very loudly. The reaction

to Brexit, & Trump has been Macron

and May getting thumped. Listen up

to the voters or you never touch the

power of office again. You see this in

Kansas Crushing Brownbacks insane

Trickle Down Lies That Crippled their

Economy. Even, Republicans, Are All

bolting to the center ground. Oooops

Trump’s Killing The Republican Party

(Just begun)

So make sure they’re ALL tied to him

(Hillary sucked, the DNC fucked it up)

Sessions “Session” Tomrrow

He will be pleading the 5th, which he

technically Can, NOT do Since this is

(Bigot Keebler Elf?!)

not a Criminal Hearing but Rather is

an Investigation. He will duck, dodge

Dip, Dive & Bullshit. Why? Well, he’s

fucked & Knows It. You Don’t Recuse

yourself when you know nothing. It’s

a tact for Those who all have DIRECT

Conflicts of Interest. His and Trumps

conflicts of Russian interests. He has

already “perjured” himself once, let’s

go for a few more times & win a prize

Jail or worse when he rolls on Trump

You will get “I don’t recall”. Well let’s

see if Mueller can jog his old memory

NOTE: RIP Adam West, AKA Batman
The Caped Crusader & Mayor Of That
Fictitious, Quahog Mayor West. He Is
Going To Be Missed Badly Much Love
NOTE II: Pay Attention To All Of The
Senate Republican Healthcare Guttin’
That’s Tryin’ To Pass In The Darkness
This Is Political Suicide So Fine By Me
BONUS: The Best, Big Racist Trumper
Moron Take Down By Lettin’ It Speak

Have a day!

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