Trump is Going Down And Will Take all R’s

with him who wanna tag along for the Ride

(Bring it!)

Anyone who watched James Comey Testify

today, Watched all of Trumps lies Go up in

Orange Anus Smoke. Trumps asked James

Comey to “Drop the Flynn investigation” &

Comey correctly took it as direction. Yet he

did Not FOLLOW That Insane Illegal Shit In

“Obstruction Of Justice”, And Was Promptly

Fired. These Are Facts. Not In Dispute. But,

In Trumpland, the RNC, & In A Lunatic Shit

(“You’re fucked!”)

show Trumps “Personal lawyer” spewed bs

at light Speed in the feeble attempt to stop

legal Reality From Existing. Forget Senator

McCain’sGrandpa Simpson’ Impression, &

Babbled About Clinton And Russia Election

meddlin’ which doesn’t Exist. It was like he

was drunk, on pills or totally out of it. They

Are All, Undone Here. It Seems Trump/R’s

big Game Plan Is: A) Smear Comey B) Just

lie about the lies while lyin’ C) Ignore facts


This ends will Trump and His Admin In Jail

(Irony: Chanting “Lock her up!” before jail)

(Also ‘Republican’ Burr, Deserves Big Credit
for an excellent, honest, nonpartisan event)

NOTE : Sandy Hook Denier, Sentenced For
Death Threat To Victims Father. Disgusting
NOTE II: Tool Box Gowdy Selected As Next
Partisan House Committee Big Sell Out Liar
UPDATE : May In ‘Serious’ Trouble And She
Is Losin’ Massive Majority 2 Jeremy Corbyn

Have a day!

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