The “Relationship”, Between Trumpy, And

AG Sessions has become so tense that he


(J Sessions) Suggested that he’d ‘Resign’

All the Rats are fleeing the fat, lyin’, loud

Sinking Trumptanic. It Still Won’t Protect

them From Serious Treason Charges that

are likely Coming. Comey testifies on the

Hill Tomorrow, And he Already Painted It

as “Trump demanded my loyalty” on the

Flynn/Russian Ties investigation. Oooops

This is going to go Down as the beginnin’

of The End for Trump/Republicans And it

(Buckle Up!)

will all be On display tomorrow. It is Just

called Obstruction Of Justice for Starters

and ends with Impeachment For Treason

Down, down, down they all go; which Jail

they land…we don’t yet know. It’s all over

NOTE: Watch Independent Congressman
Angus King, Literally GRILL Trump Suck
Ups Trying To Avoid Answering Direct ?’s
About Meetings, With Trump They’re ALL
Going Down. That Lying Asshole, Stating:
“I’m not Sure I have a legal basis” In Not
Directly Answerin’ Unclassified Questions
THEY, ARE, ALL, FUCKED. Gooooooooood
NOTE II: Ossoff’s Special Election Is Now
Great. It Is, About Policy Like Livable Pay
And, Republican Karen Handel, Says That
She’s NOT FOR IT. This Kills Her Chances

Have a day!

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