No matter if It’s Trump’s Insane Twit

Tweets, Lies, Hate, Ignorance or fails


He is now A Record low in “Approval

Rating” & Has More Approval for his

Impeachment Proceedings then folks

approve. Let That Sink IN! Oooooops

The world’s a sadder, more hateful &

Darker Place with Him In Power. But,

that isn’t Even The Worst part. He’s a

living, breathin example of republican

Policies When In Power. His Approval

rating is 36% (Holy fuck how is it that

(Down goes Trump!)

high still?) yet those Citizens who will

gladly impeach him’s at 43%. He’s so

Underwater Right now, Drowning Is a

real option for his work. Tick tock and

it only gets worse with Comey lighting

him up on Thursday. Down goes anus

NOTE: Sarah Huckabee, Lying Troll 2.0
Is Sick Of Reporters Askin’ Which Trunk
Sean Spicer Is Hidin’ In Go Check All Of
The Bushes. You, Might Find, Him There
Or Penny Slots In “Old Town” Las Vegas
NOTE II : Maher Makes An Awful N Slur
For No Reason And Apologies For It We
All Know He’s Not Racist, But Still Weak
Sauce Rookie Mistake & Getting So Lazy

Have a day!

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