London experienced yet another violent

terrorist jihad Attack by religious hating


Extremists. THIS, WILL, NOT STAND!!!!

Theresa May said as Such & also Called

Trump “WRONG!” for His Insane lies for

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan. These Acts

of Horror And Hate Will Not stand again

If you’re a Violent religious extremist of

ANY stripe, Good Citizens, and Agencies

are coming for you all. No MORE!!!!!!!!!!

Comey Is Coming!

Trump punched the Toughest Guy in the

bar & ya can Bet His Comeuppace will be

(Trump Slap!)

something For The Ages. How did we get

here? Ignorance, apathy, hate, disgustin’

lies of Massive Levels and ignoring reality

That ‘Ignorance Bubble’ is About To Burst

with Comey’s Testimony. June 8th will be

a bad day for treasonous trumpers. Good!

Have a day!

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