We have seen it before. It Ends With an

Assy Racist Lying Orange Anus, ‘Undone’

(Anus’s of a feather)

Trump is going down. He clearly knows it

and tried to pull a Nixon. Ah it didn’t help

Nixon; & it won’t help Lying Orange Anus

Nixon fired Watergates special prosecutor

Who Was Independent Ace Archibald Cox

Trump just basically did the Same Act but

not grasping Almost All the investigations

are over. It’s like firing Cox AFTER he got

his entire case built. Like everythin’ in the

Trump Bubble of Bullshit a day late and 7

(Welcome in Russia!)

trillion Dollars short. His act of lunacy will

speed up the impeachment hearing and it

will force republicans Running for Election

in 2018 to pick A side. They side with him

& So Long Career (History is clear on this)

If they follow history & stand up for what’s

Just, Fair and Honest. They got a tiny shot

These Spineless Republican Fucks have all

shown they don’t Accept the 2nd Choice &

it ends them all……..Well fine, by, me, then
(Trumps Rodger Stone, a Nixon lover, who
even has the racist failed President tattood
on his fuck back likely gave him the idea or
Bannon who are Both the Same Vile Voice)

Also, Trump Broke the Ethics In Government
Act of 1978. Oooooooooooooooooooooooops!

Have a day!

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