Every Republican At Every Town Hall is

learning when your answer to tough ?’s

(No Questions!)

is “Well, go fuck yourself” things do not

go well. And so they run away, leave or

ignore the harsh realities of these failed

polices as human voters starrin at them

R—–from IA, Rod Blum “Faced” pointed

questions from Constituents Mad about

his Yes Vote On The Republican bill. His

response to the Booooos was “Nobody’s

Listening”. Ahem, No, They ARE & They

don’t like your Bullshit lies to their faces

(He Left!)

Blum also got up & Just Walked out of a

news Interview After The First follow up

question. These clowns are disgusting &

it ends in their defeat. All these assholes

who wield power, do it solely for the top

.3%/Koch Brothers. Vote Only For those

who will “actually represent” your needs

Prepare to vote out Every Republican or

Democrat who does not vote your needs

NOTE : Sally Yates Makes Ted Cruz Look
Like The Lying Asshole Republican He Is
NOTE : Trump Just Fired James Comey!
You Can “Bet”, Trump & Crew Will All Be
Impeached Within The Next Two Months
You Don’t Just “Dictator” Problems Away
The FBI/”Other Agencies” Will Leave NO
Doubt, He Has Violated The Emoluments
Clause, Sedition & Treason Smoking Gun
This Isn’t A Fucking TV Show, This Is His
Entire Life Behind Bars Evil Orange Anus
This Is “Historically Not Common” It Has
Only Happened Once In 1993 With One
William S. Sessions Who Used FBI Plains
To, Visit His Daughter, & Charged He His
Home Security System To “Government”
This Has “NEVER” Happened When Potus
Was Under Investigation Ever. Not, Ever
This, Is The Final Nail For Trumpy Then!

Have a day!

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