It seems only one Name’s to blame

For Le Penn And The Right Wing Of


racism’s defeat. Trump. The people

of France Saw what That show looks

like & all Voted NO to that shit show

Voters are FAR more Educated after

Trump. Will that appear here?!?!? It

seems it already has all with eroding

approval Ratings & All his politicians

Running From Mics/facts faster than

a cokedup cheetah. Justice, fairness

and A Healthy Economic Way Of life

(Buh, Bye racists)

won….over racism, ignorance & hate

It’s only one Election, but a Very Big

Step in Abandoning This Right Wing

Racist Populism That Destroys us all

NOTE : Yates Explains They Warned
Orange Anus About ‘Flynn’s’ Russian
Ties For $ & Kislyak. She Then, Said:
“Mr. McGahn, Demonstrated that he
Understood, That This Was Serious.”
NOTE II  :  A Republican Lying Prick
Named Paul Labrador Said, “Nobody
Dies “Due” To A ‘Lack’ Of Healthcare
Access”. Ah Yes…….They Fucking Do
You Evil Moron Assclown Jeeeeeeeez

Have a day!

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