A Progressive democrat’s leading in

the polls in Georgia today. As we all

(Go get em!)

know, that means nothing unless ya

VOTE!!! This Special Election Has Us

all Watching. If You are Down there,

get out The VOTE for The Young Jon

Ossoff Bernie Progressive. We, Don’t

yet know If This Election Does Mean

everything is Now Going Against the

Orange Anus. Either way This shows

voters having Buyers remorse & you

can bet it Gets Way worse from here

You never want to read to much into

(Fuck him!)

a Special Election, Yet if he Wins big

that Shows Signs Of Problems for all

R’s in 18 even With Gerrymandering

This is a deeply red state & make no

mistake this is a vote against Trump

If you’re in Georgia today, VOTE!!!!!

Will Not Stand. Use EVERY Available
Resource To Find, Arrest, & Jail THIS
Murdering Sociopath Yesterday Folks
UPDATE¬† : He Was “Chased” By Cops
Doing There Jobs, On A Tip When He
Killed Himself. A “Killer” & A Coward!
Update II: Jon Is LEADING NOW!!!!!!

Have a day!

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