Just “dropped a bomb” on what they

Believe Is ISIS In Afghanistan SMFH

(Wrong bomb)

It is the “Largest” Non-nuclear bomb

ever dropped. You can’t “bomb” your

way out of ISIS. It’s An Idea And the

MORE ya Bomb Innocents, The more

enemies You MAKE Fuckwads. It Did

not work in Iraq, & it did not work in

Afghanistan. Bush / Cheney /Rummy

all tried it, failed. Obama also tried it

with drones and it simply didn’t work

Now The Orange Anus Wants to do it

AGAIN with the Same fucking results

(Right bomb)

Wait, I thought he Wouldn’t get us in

to “Wars”?!?!? Now he’s W Bush only

WAY Fucking Dumber. And, Make No

mistake. This is All to “Distract” From

his very real investigations into all his

Russian ties. So Treason is the reason

NOTE: Oklahoman Congressman And
Republican ‘Moron’ Markwayne Mullin
(You Can’t Make Up Their Names Eva)
Told His Constituents, “You Don’t Pay
MY Salary, I Pay For Myself!”. AH, NO
He Doesn’t. He Gets $174,000 A Year
PLUS “Benefits”. He Will Be Voted Out
NOTE II: Speakin’ Of Sleazy Disgustin
Republicans Trump Turd Brian “Prick”
McDowell Is Out After Asking, A Lady
While Clearly Buzzed To “Fuck Him”?!
GOP Dropped His Support. Ah, Jersey
RIP: Steelers Owner Dan Rooney Was
The ‘Best’ There Was. As Great A Foot
Ball Mind, As A Human Being. GOAT!!!

Have a day!

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