If You Are A Trumper…

April 11th, 2017

and aren’t in the top 1% or a college

student/soon to be, you are a Sucker

(Laughin at you)

Betsey DeVos just Removed Two of

Obama’s Great “Student Loan Debt”

reforms. Gone, Over, done. Those 2

important Reforms Were to Help all

of these Loans Not Default. She just

ensured they would default & giving

NO EXPLANATION. The Reason?!?!?

She doesn’t want To “Protect” These

borrowers from Companies that just

Mislead or Otherwise Harm Debtors

(Fuck off!)

A Recent Epidemic, Of Student Loan

defaults & what authorities describe

as systematic mistreatment of these

Borrowers Prompted ‘Obama Admin’

to address this problem and she just

‘insured’ it happens. Bravo lady, you

just fucked up a one car funeral idiot

Are you sick of all This winnin?! Well

society is & impeachment is looming

NOTE: Tone Deaf United CEO, Oscar
Munoz Shows He Wants Plummeting
Stock Prices And To Be Fired. It, Did
Drop 6.3% Costin’ Them $1.4 Billion
And Still Dropping. It, Will Hurt More
NOTE II: Spicer Is A Disgusting Lyin’
Asshole Moron Claiming Hitler Didn’t
Sink To Assad’s Level What The Fuck
We’d Say Genocide’s Up There IDIOT
UPDATE: Down Goes Nunes And You
Can Bet, More To Coming Daily Toast

Have a day!

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