Trump bombing a Syrian base, that

was totally operational the next day

(Captain Dumbass)

Meant Nothing. All His Actions ‘Did’,

was Deliver more questions for him

on Future Plans. What Does He see

Happening In Syria? Does He Want

Assad gone, if So How? If not, then

which Factions IS he Supporting, &

why? This is a Child sticking his Fat

hands on a stove wondering why he

got Burnt. You Turn the Stove off &

(No, dummy!)

Now Consider Plans To “Make a Big

Meal”. You don’t Just Rush to touch

it. Also, Firing Missiles, into another

sovereign country, without an order

From Congress, is illegal. Especially

when WE weren’t attacked. Oh, sad

United “Shits The Bed”

When you’re one of the top Airlines

in America today, you Don’t always


just “Overbook” your flights. And if

you do, you never “forcibly” remove

a passenger. They are going to lose

This fight. That’s Illegal, Inhuman &

So Long ‘Stock Price’! And American

can say “thank you for all those new

customers, WE will treat em better!”

They better or a new airline pops up

NOTE: Just Saw The Best Trailer For
2017 Aside From GOTG 2 Enjoy This
I Just Utterly Wet My Big Nerd Pants
NOTE II: Another “Flynn Pick” Going
Out KT McFarland’s Leaving Her Job

Have a day!

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