Pappy St. Hatricks Day!

March 17th, 2017

Livers Beware Today! Your owners

HappyStPatricksday(Artwork by Dean MacAdam)

are going to abuse you in ways that

are Inhuman. Be Safe, Sing, Dance,

Laugh, And Smile. It Is Bad Enough

For Me, I Best Put My Name On The

“Liver Donors” List “ASAP”. I ‘Kid’, I

Joke. FYI- “Ní neart go cur le chéile”

NOTE : Trumps Budget Guts & Cuts
So Many Needed Things, Even That
Shit Trump Voters Need. You, Done
“FUCKED” Yourself Moron Trumpers
Trump & Top 1% “Piss” In Your Eye
NOTE  II : Dutch Ditch Their Trump
Showing, Their “Populist Movement”
Is Dyin And The World Rejects Hate
UPDATE: R-Mick Mulvaney’s Budget
Is Pure Evil. He Abuses The Poorest,
‘Weakest’, Vets, Elderly & Trumpers

Erin Go Braugh, have a weekend!

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