It’s not just basketball, that’s Madness

we like. In Government?! Not so much

Hawaii slams trump(<-To Hate)

Trumps Travel Ban was knocked down


It always will be. It Simply Violates the

‘Establishment Clause’. A Hawaii Judge

already stopped it. There was No Truth

to the Orange Anus’s tweet on the wire

tapping lie. Now it Appears That Flynn

lied & violated our Emoluments clause

by accepting $45,000 all from Russian

business in government. Ooooooooops

Flynn sitting with Putin busted(Flynn on phone)

Dipshit is “Actually” on camera stating

“I didn’t take, Any Money from Russia,

if that’s what you’re asking me”. Yeees

you Fucking did!!!! Never before in US

History has This “Level” of Dysfunction

existed in the Oval office. Think of that

NOTE : Trump Key Backer In OK Found
In A Hotel Room With An Underage Boy
Ralph Shortey (You so Can’t make these
names up) Is One Suck Fucker, And Just
The “Kind of Guy” Trump & Republicans
Love. So, See The List Of Them All Here
UPDATE: Well Spicer Is Short Circuiting
Quickly, Because, He Can’t Answer Stuff

Have a day!

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