Town Hell 5.Oh No…

March 14th, 2017

Remember when the Democrats

caught hell from Tea Party types

Teap Paarty farty idiots(We know)

in 2010. They were riled up bout

“Death Panels”, & Lies. So guess

what? What happens when folks


Angry “With Republican Policies”

that will cripple them?!? Oooooo

you know they will Try ‘Fascism’

& shut down rational Issues fast

Barton told man to shut up(Barton: “Shut up!”)

When ya tell your voters to ‘shut

up’, you’re not getting re-elected

NOTE: Spicer Lies So Damn Much
Light A Match, Near His Bullshiter
Hole Then Brace For An Explosion

Have a day!

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