They “Are Not Aware”…

March 9th, 2017

In Trumps and All Republicans

‘Non-Stop Distraction Circus’ it

distraction funny note(We know)

seems they are Running Out Of

“Clowns” to throw at the media

right now. So imagine reporters

Actually ON The Titanic, Asking

serious questions about the ice

berg being met with “I’m not at

all Aware It Happened” As The

the fucking boat is sinking into

a sad, icy grave. When you are

asked about A Russian Election

ties & ya have none, you say no

Repubublicans funny saying(We know)

When you are not. You aren’t at

all “Aware”. Beware Of Anyone

spewing they are “Not aware”!!

That “Entire”, Republican Party

lead By The Orange Anus Is All

Simply Projection. Whatever, it

is they say, THEY are doing it &

not their Targets. How very sad

NOTE : Samuel Jackson, Slams
Ben “Bigot Toy” Carson For His
Hateful Hateful Lies On Slavery
NOTE II : Speaking Of Bigots It
Should Be No Surprise, SteverO
Bigot Bannon Has Racist Books
UPDATE : Sessions, Will SO Be
Charged With Perjury Yesterday

Have a day!

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