National Wimps Day…

March 8th, 2017

It is National Woman’s day all over

the Place Today. Good on You! But


if you’re Sitting Republicans Today

they are all running from reality at

Light Speed. They Are Saying “size”

doesn’t Matter, While not knowing

ANYTHING about the Content that

kills off all Citizens ACA healthcare

Trump & Company are trying to all

distract from overt Russian Ties, &

it is Not Working. Drip, Drip, Drain


They are Massively Fucked and did

it ALL To Themselves. They Simply

deserve everything coming to them

NOTE : All Republicans Try To Rush
Through, Insane ‘ACA Repeal Cause’
They Know It Sucky Tax Cuts For 1%
This Is Going To Kill Em In ’18 Good
Breaking: Trump Meet With Russian
Ambassador Sergey Kislyak AKA The
Same One, As Jeffery “Liar” Sessions
He Stated “Never spoke with them in
10 years”. The Lies Keep On Coming

Have a day!

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