Trumps Russian Ties Lies…

March 6th, 2017

It’s Seems FBI Director, James Comey

is about to have his Foot directly up in

donald-trump-cpac-russian-flag(We know)

Trumps ass fast. “Trumper Tanturms”

can’t fix Sessions perjury, Flynns fired

Manafort/ Carter Page/ The Agalarovs

Dmitry Rybolovlev / Michael Caputo &

Many, Many, Many, More. It’s All Clear

and his Financial ties aren’t in dispute

Want to know why no Tax Returns?!?!

They show a fuck load of Russian cash

This is just The Beginning, as the Fatty

The stupid face of Trump(Down, I, go!)

foul fuckhead begins to Unravel & Fast

And down Goes the lying Orange Anus

This is not only disgustingly vile it’s so

damn near Treason at This Point. Tiny

Hands will Be Impeached Shortly then

Mike Pence, the spot light’s rite on you

My father Passed Away on Saturday at

7:30am. The world so lost a very great

man. My tears just won’t Stop Flowing

NOTE: Trumps ‘Muslim Ban’ 3.Blow &
It Will Be Challenged And Stuck Down
NOTE II : White House Press Room Is
Now Dark. Spicer, Hasn’t Held An ON
Camera Briefing In A Week? Why?!?!?
Well He Can’t Address Trumps Lies Or
Russian Financial Ties That Will Crush
Him. They Are All Going Down So Fast

Have a day!

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