UK Doesn’t Want Trump…

February 7th, 2017

Oh neither do we (is there an Island

Of Racist lying loud Insane Morons?)

AP-john-bercow-cf-170206_16x9_992(“Stay away!”)

Or is that Just Called A Klan Rally or

Skin Head Biker Bars. My such lovin’

Company He Keeps. UK BHOC Head

Speaker John Bercow clearly stated:

“I would NOT WISH To Issue an Invitation to
President Trump to speak in the Royal gallery”

He sited the ruling bodies opposition

to racism & to sexism & their support

for equality before the law along with

An Independent Judiciary. You Know,

The loud Orange Anus(<-Puffy Orange Anus)

REALITY! “Trumple Thinskin”, Is Also

always fighting against legal Realities

Calling a Republican judge appointed

by W. Bush “So Called” and Insulting

his Correct Legal Ruling simply cause

he’s a large utterly insane Racist baby

And now, His lunacy Reaches big new

heights, Claiming we don’t report any

Terror Attacks. Holy fucking shit, this

Judge-25-master180(“You’re fired!”)

moron needs to leave This Planet. His

“Stupid” Is Toxic, To Rational Humans

NOTE : The Most, Unqualified Loony
To Ever Be Offered Up For Education
Secretary’s Might Squeaky BY BUT It
Is ONLY, If You don’t Call R Senators
Pence Broke 50-50 Vote, She Is Your
New Lunatic In Charge Of Killing IQ’s
Al Franken Correctly Tore Into All R’s
NOTE II : Media Are Now Pointing To
Trump’s “Detachment”, From Reality
As If, THAT Is A Fucking New Thing?!
UPDATE : Lunatic Republican Doesn’t
See Muslim Terrorism & White Power
Terrorism Acts As The Same. Geeeee
Well NO SHIT!! Because White Power
Fuckholes, Are His Ass Fucking BASE
Just Puked In My Mouth, Such A Dick

Have a day!

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