Drumpf Nuts & Hate Prick

June 14th, 2016

Donny D “hugged” a flag &

was so simply fuckin Nutty

Hugging the Flag creepy(WTF?!?)

it could have been “Skippy”

Peanut better extra chunky

It happened at press stop in

orlando where he asked the

crowd to Shout VP Picks, &

then hugged the flag after a

“Build The Wall!!!!!!!” chant

Broke Out. At that Moment,

OUR American Flag “Puked”


all over that stage & saying:

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold it in”

It was just creepy as all hell

considering he avoided that

Vietnam Draft. Not like Ali

did because the War was so

‘Wrong. But because he did

not want to go. The moron

did this same act at another

TeaOP hate(TeaOP Hate)

Town Hall in NH in August

of 2015. At the time we all

didn’t think the Republican

party would be here. They r

Alex Jones Lying Hate…

This will be the Final time I

ever Post About Alex Jones

alexjonesblamesLGBTObamaforPulseshooting(Pure Hate)

He Deserves no ‘Additional’

PR from anywhere after this

insane Hate. He Blamed the

murdered victims in that so

sad Orlando shooting as the

one reason they were killed

Yes, it was the Twin Towers

fault, and those Sailors who

premature-aging-alex-jones-bill-hicks(He’s 42)

at Pearl Habor’s fault WTF?

Jones is the kind of Bloated

bigoted asshole that anyone

would not ‘Piss On’ if on fire

Have a day!

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