What if I told you a siting

Republican didn’t ‘believe’

730x420-077033d6e1475fd2a3fdf00c875e4eeb(Beat down!)

in “Carbon Dioxide”?! You

wouldn’t really be shocked

would you?!? You know by

now, the answer to that Lil

gem don’t you? Republican

reptile thing Dana “WTF?!?”

Rohrabacher said, this Shit:

“Millions of dollars….if not billions
of dollars, we’re talking about is all
based on the ‘idea’ that CO2 is now
heating our planet…There are men
& women who are just being thrown
out of their jobs cause of the theory
[of climate change which is proven]”

And the “reply”, from Alan

Grayson..pretty much says

Pudding Head Joe(Pudding Head Joe)

it all in one Clean sentence:

“If he ‘thinks’ that ‘Carbon Dioxide’ doesn’t
cause any human health problems, I advise
him to put a plastic bag over his head, tie it
tight round his neck & see what happens next.”

Boom!!!! Then this nervous

“laughter” followed but that

point was made and so well

NOTE: Drumpf Posed As A
Media PR Spokesman Who
Was ‘Named’: “John Miller”

Have a day!

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