After the wonderful interview by the French

media outlet with the Monsanto assclown, it

Nicely done(Yes)

has “moved” the needle enough for another 1

to happen. Nebraskan farmer, named James

Osbourne tried to pull a page from the “You

won’t even swallow your own bullshit” book

He isn’t┬ánecessarily against “Fracking”, he is

on the fence, & poured, contaminated water

in glass, for a fracking committee to drink it

Obviously, they ignored it, & took a big pass

But his point was made. Was in the business


before and explained what could result from

spills or from seeping into the “water tables”

Bravo to James and those like him that need

to explain the risks. Shit, companies do NOT

give a flyin fuck. They only ever care about $

Have a day!

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