Indiana has a problem. It’s them there damn

“gays”, & they gonna make sure they do NOT

Mike-Pence-NO-LGBT-x400(“No Soup for you!”)

have equal protection under law. At least that

is what Governor Mikey, “Bigot Town” Pence

thinks. He signed a bill, into law on Thursday

Senate Bill 101 Religious Freedom Restoration

Act would allow institutions, businesses, & all

associations to deny services to ALL LGBT’ers

on “religious freedom grounds”. And “Captain

Asshole” Pence was asked over 6 times if that

law would make it legal for ANY merchant to

Holding up hand(Yes, I’m an asshole)

refuse to serve ‘gay customer’s. Out came the

stock Republican answer; utter total Bullshit:

“This is not about discrimination, this is about
empowering people to confront government
overreach. Look, the issue here is still is tolerance
a two-way street or not?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

Smell that?!?!?!?!?!?!?! YES, it is totally about

discrimination. No, “tolerance” isn’t a two way

street. See, people who deny “equal protection”

under the law do not HAVE that fucking right

It is the fresh smell of bigotry at work. This IS

only the hate of a bigot yelling, “Hey now, it’s

MY right, to be a BIG Bigot, in our society by

Wait, what the fuck?(What a prick)

denying your rights”. Nope. Never has been &

never will be. Your religious freedom, ends at

the tip of every other┬ácitizens nose…..fuckface

Unless of course you’d like my religion to now

discriminate against you? No? That is because

it’s Unconstitutional you lying hateful Asshole

Follow Open For Service, they believe in equal

Scamentology-The Douchening

Last night on HBO was the greatest expose of

the bullshit scam known as Scientology to date

Scientology main shot(Bullshit Island!)

Unless of course you count South Park ripping

them a new shit shoot. It’s called “Going Clear

-Scientology, and The Prison Of Belief”. It’s so

awesome. It crushes the Entire Cult, by simply

documenting their well know Origins, History,

lunacy and overt crimes to badly cover it all up

L Ron Hubbard was a con man, a grifter, scam

artist, liar, thief and a master bullshitter of life

The most damning evidence is from the people

hawaiian volcanoes(Lunacy)

who did it all for years now realizing they were

conned, scammed, and all fucked with so badly

They’re a mob like cult that enslaves the person

to brainwash them, and then Blackmails/even

threathens them when they realize the “reality”

that it is a bullshit con about Aliens. It is like, a

bad Si-fi movie. Two engaging 1st acts followed

by this terribly insane, shitty & dumbass ending

The jokes on you but sadly so was your life then

NOTE: Monstanto Mouthpiece Lobbyist Can’t
Swallow His OWN Big Poisonous Bullshit Lies

Have a day!

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