Saying Racist Cops today is like breathing or

yelling “Hey, water is wet!”. Yes, WE KNOW

Family Guy color chart(Oooops)

Not all Cops are racist, that would be a crazy

untrue generalization. BUT when there’s the

case after case after case after case examples

and NO ONE does anything about it. Then it

becomes a problem. Firing the Bad Apples is

one thing. Why were they HIRED in the first

place?! You can’t tell me other co-workers do

not know exactly who all the racists are. They

work with them daily n pair them up together

n-FLORIDA-POLICE-large(The shit show)

Three Florida police officers were fired and a

4th resigned, after exchanging Some Racially

Offensive text messages, and a Terribly Gross

Racist Video. The vid shows such Racist Hate

against blacks, & portrays the slave owners in

Django Unchained, & them as “KKK Hooded

Heros”.  They policed a predominantly Black

neighborhood. Geee, & we wonder WHY it is

African American’s feel that cops target them

and think they are treated as the enemy. Well

because of overt hateful shit like this evil crap

It impossible not to demand change after this

Today’s “Mega Loser Hypocrite”

Turd Cruz is now on Obamacare. Let that sink

in for a moment. Ah yes, the same taint bucket

Ted Cruz in front of sign(Or not…)

who pledged that he would “repeal every word

of Obamacare” now picked the aca over paying

a shit ton more for a private insurance policy?!

It’s simply a perfect example of the Libertarian

delusion blowin up in their faces as reality wins

See, hypocrisy doesn’t just live in one political

party. But, when it comes to the amount, ALL

Republicans have it the DNA at the core. At a

7 to 1 ratio. Democrats are shitty too don’t get

Cruz Filibuster idiot(A Failbuster!)

me wrong. But they are the “minority” in their

own party. They don’t scream at others about

Family Values laws/religion so when they get

busted in the hotel fucking the intern, it’s just

a big ass “lousy cheater”. But not a “hypocrite”

Ted can now sign up for good “Mental Health”

NOTE: Racist Ass Kid Still Doesn’t Get It And
Tries This Tone Deaf Public Non-Apology Act
NOTE: Explosion In NYC, Still Finding Out A
Cause. Looks To Be A Gas Related Blast Now

Have a day!

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